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How to Use MyTEPI

Increase Efficiency

Whether customers are shopping online or in-store, MyTEPI offers self-guidance as well as improved recommendations. Interactions can become quicker and easier by directing consumers to the products that are right for them. 

Price Transparency

Currently, dispensaries are challenged with educating consumers on how chemovar quality (richness of profile, balance of cannabinoids to terpenes, harvest dates, etc.) can affect price. With MyTEPI Ratings, budtenders can provide consumers with transparency in pricing, boosting confidence and trust

Product Descriptions

Dispensaries are able provide self-guided navigation  by integrating MyTEPI Effects and Ratings into their  product descriptions in-store and online. MyTEPI  Effects and Ratings can be manually entered into any platform that allows for typed product  descriptions.

How It Works

MyTEPI stands for My Therapeutic Effects Potential Index.

It is a proprietary technological framework (“MyTEPI Framework”) designed to solve the problem of objective differentiation between cannabis products.

Built and maintained utilizing latest publicly available pharmacological data and research, the framework looks at the plant’s chemical composition and ratios between its active compounds to make directional judgements about its potentially therapeutic content.

MyTEPI evaluates and constructs a pharmacological profile (“MyTEPI Profile”) of any cannabis product supported by a valid COA (a third-party testing analysis conducted by a licensed laboratory).

MyTEPI Profile provides a consumer-friendly descriptive summation of the plants organoleptic characteristics, highlighting primary and secondary base pharmacological effects* (eg. Primary: Mood, Secondary: Focus).

The profile also rates the product in terms of balance of terpenes to cannabinoids and overall richness of its metabolome (MyTEPI Rating). The rating system aims to guide consumers towards more balanced products with the most therapeutic potential and minimum adverse events.

*Effects are descriptors of the subjective feeling(s) most likely to be experienced or enhanced. Profiles are designed to help industry members and consumers navigate product menus. 

MyTEPI Evaluations

MyTEPI Evaluations help retail buyers, budtenders, and consumers. MyTEPI Evaluations is a monthly report that assigns a MyTEPI Profile to each eligible product based on the corresponding Certificate of Analysis (COA). Inventory Evaluations are only available to MyTEPI Members.  As a Member, you are eligible for 12 months of service, with ability to renew membership.